WLW Choir Boosters is pleased and honored to be able to provide a graduating senior(s) with a competitive scholarship opportunity.

Graduating seniors are encouraged to fill out the Scholarship Form application, return all required forms and information by the written due date and complete the required 150-300 word essay as described below doing their best to share their personality anonymously on paper for the selection committee.

Please note this scholarship is only available for 2017 graduating SENIORS!

If you have any questions, please email the Choir Boosters Scholarship representative.

Scholarship Form.pdf

WLW Choir Senior Scholarship

Student Application Form 2017

Sponsored by the Choir Boosters Executive Board

Application # (to be assigned by selection committee)__________


Student Name _________________________________________________

Parent’s/Guardian’s Name ________________________________________

Street Address _________________________________________________

City ________________________________ State ________________

Phone ____________________________ E-mail _____________________________

Name of the college or university you plan to attend next year ___________________________________


Application Eligibility

The purpose of this scholarship shall be to provide scholarship assistance for any graduating senior at Walled Lake Western High School who has demonstrated artistic excellence in the choir program and a desire to pursue education at the college or university level. Consideration will be given to applicants who, through their actions or example, demonstrate talent, support, respect, and/or advocacy for the Walled Lake Western Choir Program

The student must have participated in:

  1.  Three years in a Walled Lake Western Choir.
  2.  Any WLW choir related extra curricular activity.

Application process:

The following information needs to be submitted:

  1.  Student application Form
  2.  A list of extra curricular choir performance activities
  3.  Your 150 to 300 word essay
  4.  Please do not identify yourself by name in process number 2 or 3 above.

Please note:

  1. Application, resume & essay are DUE BY March 31, 2017.
  2. All applications MUST be submitted in a sealed envelope and put in the gray box in the choir room.
  3. Recipients will be announced at the Choir Awards Banquet.
  4. Your future education does not need to be in the performing arts field.
  5. The applicant screening and selection committee will see only the numerically coded following pages. NO PHOTOS PLEASE!

The applications will be read by people outside the WLW Choir program. The committee will consist of people who have an appreciation of singing and performing arts.

Essay Instructions

Please write an essay, double-spaced, word-processed, 150 word minimum / 300 maximum. DO NOT describe yourself by name in the essay.


Essay topic: You chose to sing in high school. How did that choice affect your life? 

(Include why you feel that you are deserving of this scholarship and tell us of any special circumstances that should be considered by the selection committee.)