Dear Choir Families,

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we write to let you know that your student has heard extensive details about our upcoming Italy trip today during class! This once in a lifetime journey will take place over spring break 2017. Interested students were invited to take a packet of information and an application. We have included an electronic format (PDF) of this packet for you to look over and discuss with your son or daughter. We understand that there is always the chance the packet just never made it home!

We have been looking forward to the opportunity of uniting two of our high school choir programs, Western and Central, to be able to embark on this fantastic unified chorale endeavor. What a powerhouse performing choir this will be.  And singing in the venues where we will be performing, we will need to take the best possible tour choir to Italy.  It’s not every day that you can say that you have sung at the Vatican in Rome!

Yes, we are planning to have several fundraising opportunities to help families off set some of the costs of the trip. The trip is being offered to us for an incredible price, which includes ten spectacular days in Italy highlighted by unique vocal performance and travel opportunities. The cost of this experience is comparable to several trips, which have happened across the district in the last two years, and only $250 more than what our previous choir tour to Italy cost three years ago.  Beyond the price of the trip, your student will be gaining invaluable cultural, historical, artistic, and educational enhancement with this unique learning opportunity.

While this is not in any way a requirement of being involved in our choir program, this extended learning experience is a way that we can teach so many different aspects of music, life and history in such a powerful way.  It’s also a chance to open the eyes of our students, to see the bigger world and then come back home and realize that we are really not that much different.  What a great way to promote peace in our society by meeting people from another country and then seeing how they live and finally, sharing our music with them.  This is the 10th International Choir Tour that Mr. Cleveland has taken with Walled Lake Choirs, and the 9th time that we have traveled with the company, Music Contact International.

We hope that you will consider how your family might be able to make this happen.  Yes, most likely it will cost some sacrifice, but what a life-changer this experience will be for those who take part.

If you have additional questions regarding our upcoming trip please feel free to contact Mr. Cleveland at   or   Mrs. Lenze at




Mr. Cleveland  and Mrs. Lenze