2018 Pop Concert Feature Act List

PLEASE READ:  Please make good decisions about using technology to share your emotions!  Sharing your happy or sad thoughts (excited or angry thoughts) can be very dangerous to your relationships with your friends in the Performing Arts Department, as well as your future in the Choir and Theater Department.  If you don’t get the song that you auditioned  for, please take some time away from your phone and your computer.  

Be careful of what you put into print!  You could easily crush a friend who didn’t get the song that they wanted.  Be conscious and caring about your relationships with your friends.  

If you spew poison on Social Media or any other media, know in advance that you will be burning many bridges. THINK – WAIT and then respond.   

Sad to say, we can’t use over 22 feature acts that auditioned.  BUT don’t give up.  Keep trying again and be way more prepared for your audition.         

This is written in love from Mr. Cleveland and Mrs. Becker!

PS – If you didn’t make it on the list, and would like to know why, wait a few days and then feel free to talk to us.

THIS IS A TENTATIVE SHOW ORDER – If you have a Thur or Fri by your name, that means you perform your feature act on that night.  Otherwise, you perform both nights.   If you have questions, ask us on Monday.