Walled Lake Western

Private Voice Lessons

Why private voice lessons?

  1. Private voice lessons are for the choir student at WL Western who wants to excel with his/her own vocal talents.
  2. A one-on-one private coaching lesson is the quickest and most complete way to see real progress with your own voice.
  3. When Mr. Cleveland works with a choir class he cannot take the time to focus in on everyone’s individual voice needs.  During choir class he is looking for ways to make the large group of different voice types sound like one big beautiful choral sound.  It’s impossible to focus on your solo voice.
  4. So, if you are serious about wanting to accelerate with your vocal progress this year, please read on and discuss this information with your family.


Here are some details and facts about our WL Western Private Voice Lesson Program:

a)      Our voice teachers are selected by Mr. Cleveland from around metro Detroit and Ann Arbor areas.

b)      Each of them sing professionally and have taught private voice lessons for many years.

c)      They have been asked to teach our students partially because of the ability to communicate professional voice concepts to young high school students.

d)     They agree to charge the same, very reduced fee to all of their WLW students.  (Even though most charge twice as much at their home studio.)


Each student who participates in our program needs to understand each of these important details:

  1. Each private voice student will be assigned a voice teacher who will best be able to work together with him/her.
  2. We will set up a one-day per week, 30-minute lesson with you and your voice teacher.
  3. The voice lesson will be held in our music practice room at school.
  4. Your teacher will set up an individualized voice program just for you, choosing music that will challenge your vocal needs.  Usually, your teacher will select your music from our extensive WLW music library and then give you a photo copy to work from.  You will be asked to usually purchase one book for your own keeping, which follows the MSVMA district solo and ensemble festival rules as well.
  5. Your teacher will follow the school calendar regarding vacations and breaks.  In an average month you should have four 30-minute lessons.  Sometimes students and teachers work out special lesson times during the holidays if the student is interested.
  6. The cost will be $22.00 per half-hour lesson.  You will pay for your lessons one month at a time.  Your check will be due at the first lesson of the month.  You will pay your private teacher directly and will make all checks payable to them.  WLW or the choir teacher does not make any money from this venture.  It is a program strictly for the student’s improvement.  Our school choirs benefit by having better trained singers.   (No price increase this year!!)
  7. Each week your private voice teacher will be waiting for you in your assigned practice room.  You must plan your schedule around this very important half-hour time.  We want you to take the voice lessons only if you are going to be serious about your voice, self-disciplined about being on time at each lesson and then practice outside of your voice lesson time.
  8. If you are going to have to miss a lesson, you must call your teacher 24 hours in advance or you will be required to pay for your time.  This also applies to if you are going to be sick from school.  You must call your teacher and communicate with them.  If you are tardy to a lesson, normally your teacher will still have to end the lesson at the given time, due to other lessons following yours.  Remember, your teacher has driven up to an hour to get to WL Western to help you and is now sitting there in the practice room waiting for you.  Your teacher will handle emergency and special situations on an individual basis and at his/her discretion.
  9. Each student will be generally expected to perform at Solo and Ensemble Festival in January.  Also,a solo voice recitals will be offered to each student during the school year. Performance and vocal technique is your goal for the year…so perform!
  10. We will do our best to see that every student who is ready and interested in taking private voice lessons will be able to do so.  However, we cannot guarantee lessons due to the limited number of outside teachers that we can find to work with us.
  11. Most of the classes will be offered in the afternoon hours, depending on the teacher, between 2:15 pm and 6:30 pm, Monday – Thursday.  The school vacation calendar will be followed.
  12. The private voice teachers will make recommendations from time-to-time on whether or not a student should continue studying privately.  This would then be discussed with the student and the choir director.  The reasons for stopping lessons could be: lack of self discipline, vocal maturity and/or conflicting time commitments.  This will be handled on an individualized basis.
  13. This program is not sponsored by the Walled Lake Consolidated School District.  Instead, this program is sponsored by the Choir Department and it’s director.  Any questions concerning this program should be asked of Mr. Cleveland  wlwchoirs@gmail.com  or  GregCleveland@wlcsd.org.
  14. Lessons will start the last week of September 22.  Earlier for those students who took from Mrs. Swan or Dr. Shuster last year.


Please complete the student information sheet and return it to Mr. Cleveland, ASAP.

Limited spaces are available to new voice students!

Student Information Sheet


Student’s Name ________________________________________________________


Full Address & Zip _____________________________________________________


Home Phone ________________________

Parent Cell Phone __________________

Student’s Cell Phone _____________________

Student’s Grade __________________

Student’s Age ____________

Student’s Email ____________________________________________

Parent’s Email ____________________________________________


I understand the policies and procedures of the Vocal Music Department Private Voice Lesson Program.  I give my permission for my child to participate in the program.  I will do my part in making sure that he/she is prompt at each week’s lesson, that time will be put into practicing and that the fee payments will be on time each month.


Parent’s Signature _______________________________________________________


Note:  If you have previously studied with a voice teacher and wish to ask for a teacher preference please state their name here and tell why you would or would not like them again.  Please realize that due to the demand, not all requests will be possible.  ____________________________


Conflict Schedule –  Please write down any regular schedule conflicts that you have after school.  Please list regular activities that would conflict with scheduling a voice lesson.  This will help us place you with the best teacher at the best time and day.

Day     Activity that you do                             Time

Mon  ______________________    From ____________ – ___________.

Tue  ______________________    From ____________ – ___________

Wed  ______________________    From ____________ – ___________

Thur  ______________________    From ____________ – ___________

Fri     ______________________    From ____________ – ___________