PLEASE READ: Please make good decisions about using technology to share your emotions! Sharing your happy or sad thoughts (excited or angry thoughts) can be very dangerous to your relationships with your friends in the Performing Arts Department, as well as your future in the Choir and Theater Department. If you didn’t make it in, please take some time away from your phone and your computer. Be careful of burning your bridges for the future.  Ms. Paullin will also be watching and listening.

Be careful of what you put into print! You could easily crush a friend. Be conscious and caring about your relationships with your friends.  If you spew poison on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or any other media, know in advance that you will be burning many bridges. THINK – WAIT and then respond.

This is written in love from Mr. Cleveland and Mrs. Becker!

PS – Remember that you have auditioned every day, not just the day that you sang for us.  We have seen how you are focussed, self disciplined and your work ethic.  Your voice also counts for something, but not as much as your personal focus.  

Tough choices. Alternates, stay tuned as you will be the first to add if there is a change in personnel.

PSS – If you made it in, but are singing a different voice part than you thought you would be, that’s OK.  We will make it work.  We must have thought you have the skills to adjust for the betterment of the entire group.  


  1. Samantha Berringer 12
  2. Molly Bertolino 12
  3. Jade Fantich 11
  4. Gya Ferguson  12
  5. Clare Fitzpatrick 12
  6. Leah Gaines 11
  7. Ashleigh Holubeck-Gotts 11
  8. Lauren Hunsinger 12
  9. Princess Jones 12
  10. Ella Kethledge 12
  11. Veronica Koziorowski  12

ALTERNATE  Riley Adams, Emma Terry, Kaylee West


  1. Camile Baker 11
  2. Izabella Barretto 11
  3. Sophia Cook 12
  4. Olivia DePauli 11
  5. Celia Mann 12
  6. Molly McNerney 12
  7. Peyton Naragon 12
  8. Alora Paluch 12
  9. Lauren Rzeszutek  12
  10. Catherine Riva 11
  11. Laya Silverman 12

ALTERNATE  Elisabeth Gassam, Elli Girrard, Jovanna Garza

TENOR (including female tenors)

  1. Arsalan Akber  12
  2. Zahra Akinfolarini  11
  3. Ava Herberger  11
  4. Gabriel Larson 11
  5. Hunter Montry 12
  6. Jowan Rashid 12
  7. Jeremiah Richards 11
  8. Devin Statezny 12


  1. Garrett Freed 12
  2. Brandon Jones 11
  3. Jason Dawn 11
  4. Kevin Lee 12
  5. Ian Mills 12
  6. Josiah Rostek 12
  7. Gannon Scheer 11
  8. Noah Veenstra 12

The new choir director will be emailing/texting you at some point, so you all can meet each other!  Stay tuned.